Pasang: In the shadow of Everest

'Pasang: In the shadow of Everest' film premiere

To mark the 30th anniversary of the historic ascent of Mt. Everest by Nepal’s first woman summiteer, Pasang Lhamu Sherpa, we are honored to be part of the Kathmandu premiere of Pasang Movie with Pasang Lhamu Foundation, that celebrates her indomitable courage and exceptional journey.

'Blue Flower' film premiere

"Blue Flower" is a film that tells the story of a young boy named Tilak who grows up in a small village in Nepal. Despite facing many challenges, Tilak never loses hope and continues to strive for a better life. Along the way, he meets a girl named Gauri who becomes an important part of his journey. Together, they must navigate through the difficulties of their society and find a way to be together. The film is directed by Sunil Babu Pant and is a heartwarming tale of love and perseverance set against the backdrop of rural Nepal.

Echoes in the Valley (EITV)

For the past five years, we have been involved in establishing a sustainable blueprint for the festival dedicated to folk, traditional and indigenous Nepali music. From EITV’s inception to its current iteration, we have taken care of every aspect of the festival such as branding, conceptualizing themes for each edition; writing proposals and reports for national and international funding agencies; creating comprehensive annual budgets; organizing and delegating teams; contacting artists, coordinating with local governments and community bodies; scouting venues; promoting via social media, website, press; and ensuring the overall smooth operation of the festival.


Designed a A 10-day-long artist residency for two Kathmandu-based musicians (Simma Rai and Heyshe Dolma Sherpa) and a cinematographer (Shristi Magar) from different backgrounds to travel to Lumbini province to compose an original song in collaboration with the artists there. The aim was to create a melange of sounds across different places, cultures, ages, ethnicities, languages and genres within Nepal. They interacted with local artists in Bardia, Nirmala Tharu and Basanti Chaudhari, and created an original piece that was showcased as the closing act for the WOW festival. The music video will be released soon.

Nepal Music Archive (NMA)

In 2021, we founded Nepal’s first digital archive that documents music-related research papers and catalogues; and digitises analog musical content. NMA builds a musical consortium of music-related resources by connecting to various libraries (personal and public), universities, archives and institutions; make the portal accessible to not only Nepali students, musicians and music enthusiasts, but also to a global audience.

Women of the World Festival (WOW) 2022

Organized by the British Council Nepal in Lumbini, we were in charge of all six art installations at the venue. We worked in consultation with the British Council’s curator, Beth Troakes, who was based in London, and all the six Nepali artists and organizations who were showcasing during a two-day long festival. We used the best possible materials that were locally available without compromising the quality of the design and aesthetics of the exhibition.

Michael Fehr & Rico Baumann Photo: Rupak Raj Sunuwar

Michael Fehr & Rico Baumann Nepal Tour

Michael Fehr & Rico Baumann took us on a journey through the essence of storytelling and the spirituality of music with «super light», their newest show!

Born in Bern, visually impaired from birth, Micheal Fehr refers to himself as a narrator, and performs as a speaker, singer and musician.

Coming from a family of musicians in Bern, Rico Baumann was introduced to a wide variety of musical styles at an early age. He is a celebrated drummer for jazz and improvised music as well as for hip hop, pop and electronic music. |

Bunga Mahotsav

This festival celebrates Bungamati, a Newari town with its own unique history, festivals, culture, rituals, art and crafts. In the 2015 earthquake, Bungamati’s core, the Machhendranath temple collapsed, along with several other monuments and old houses. With it, once a bustling heritage settlement's local economy came crashing. The pandemic brought in more setbacks. Visitors dwindled. Spirits dampened. Many craftsmen went out of business and opted for other professions. The town grew quieter and the locals feared that people had forgotten Bungamati, its beauty and its charm. Bunga Mahotsav aims to relaunch Bungamati as a destination for heritage tourism with offerings palatable to people from all walks of life.